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Eltek is one of the world's most trusted brands in data logging. The company has over 30 years of experience, designing and manufacturing its products in Cambridge, UK. Connected IoT is the Australian distributor for Eltek products.


Eltek's data logging products deliver a wireless or wired solution capable of any application. Solutions range from stand-alone devices with download/analytical software to large-scale systems delivering data to your enterprise systems via the the cloud. 

If Eltek does not have an off-the-shelf solution, we can work with the head office to deliver a bespoke solution that meets your exact needs. 

An Eltek installation at Canterbury Cathedral

GenII wireless monitoring

As shown in the diagram, the system includes a range of fully integrated equipment, including Eltek's range of receivers and data loggers

The GenII monitoring system is Eltek's long range radio telemetry solution offering a practical alternative to hard-wired data logging. It is suitable for both permanent and temporary installations, with easy system design and installation.

The system offers:

  • Licence exempt UHF frequencies

  • 250 sensor channels capability

  • 12 bit resolution for high accuracy

  • Repeaters to extend range​

The GenII monitoring system is Eltek's long range radio telemetry solution offering a practical alternative to hard-wired data logging. It is suitable for both permanent and temporary installations, with easy system design and installation.

The system offers:

  • Licence exempt UHF frequencies

  • 250 sensor channels capability

  • 12 bit resolution for high accuracy

  • Repeaters to extend range

For more information, download the system brochure


Squirel 1000 series 

Squirrel wired dataloggers

Eltek's has employed a modular design for its Squirell 1000 range of wired dataloggers. This approach provides a flexible combination of channels, ranges, memory sizes and extra options.

The main board contains the power connector, display, RS232 serial connection, a pulse input, an 8-bit digital signal input and output connector. Up to eight additional input modules are connected to the main board during manufacture depending on the sensor input requirements.

Features include:

  • Mains operated or battery with low power consumption

  • Up to 250 analogue or digital channels

  • Remote connection via GSM, landline or radio modem. LAN network adapter for Ethernet.

  • Adjustment of readings into appropriate units

  • Up to 2 million readings of secure data

  • 1 pulse count channel and 8 event/digital channels (plus more)

  • External triggers can start and stop the logger

  • Rapid memory download at 38400 baud

  • Up to 99 runs may be stored

  • 3-year guarantee

A cost-effective alternative to the modular 1000 series is the Squirrel 450/852 series of data loggers. This series has a maximum of 4 or 8 inputs, configurable for voltage, current and temperature, for both thermocouple and thermistor sensors.

Squirel 450/850 series 


Sensors and Transmitters

Almost any sensor can be connected to the Eltek telemetry GenII system. Eltek offers a range of sensors for temperature, humidity, power and air quality including dust and particles to suit the most common sensing applications. The product range includes a variety of RF transmitters, many of which have inbuilt sensors or support external sensors with voltage or current output. 

The range covers:

  • Air quality

  • Air velocity

  • Differential pressure

  • Digital state

  • Electricity/energy usage

  • Flood 

  • Heat flux

  • Particles PM2.5

  • Humidity

  • Incubators

  • Light and UV

  • People counting

  • pH

  • Resistance

  • Pyranometer

  • Dust from building sites or fires

  • RH

  • Solar Radiance

  • Temperature

  • Tilt and Crack

  • Voltage and Current

  • Weather

  • Smoke and particles


Darca Software

Eltek's systems can output data to most industrial systems, such as Modbus, and serial data to a connected PC for integration into industry standard PC software, such as LabVIEW, DASYlab or Wonderware.

However, Eltek also provides its own download and analysis software that is fully integrated

with its range of products. The products cover:

  • Darca Plus: Download and analysis for GenII systems

  • Darca Lite: Download and analysis of for Mini Squirrels

  • Darca Secure: With audit trail features, tailored for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Darca Heritage: For large sites over long periods

  • Darca Compost: With batch tracking features

For more information, visit Eltek's page on download and analysis software.


Temperature Data Loggers

Sourcing Appropriate Temperature Data Loggers for Accurate Snapshots


From maintaining a safe working environment to ensuring the integrity of products that must be kept cold for the duration of their time in the supply chain, lightweight and efficient temperature data loggers are incredibly valuable tools. Today, modern equipment offers a more versatile approach to this vital task than ever before. By using a temperature sensor with a data logger, not only is it easier to track temperature levels over time, but you can use that data to make meaningful inferences. Not only that, but the information these sensors gather can have significant impacts on operational efficiencies, too.


At Connected IoT, we're proud to provide partners across many sectors with the most suitable hardware and software solutions for a variety of purposes. With decades of experience in sensors and a keen understanding of the latest advances, we're well-positioned to help you make a smart investment — and to then use that investment to create further savings and additional improvements. Why is your choice so important, though?


The Importance of a Reliable Temperature and Humidity Data Logger


In many cases, tracking climate data such as temperature and humidity is about much more than simply maintaining a comfortable environment for people. From the data centre to the cold storage facility, good data loggers are critical. There are a few reasons why that is:

  • For cold storage purposes, maintain clear evidence of temperature integrity at every step of the supply chain. The clients at the end of the line don't want products subjected to temperature abuse — and modern sensors can ensure that doesn't happen. 

  • Receive an early warning when something goes wrong in a critical system. From hospitals to factories, some areas require precise conditions to maintain safety or efficiency. Good sensors can help to report anomalies for corrective action quickly. 

  • Proper equipment ensures you can effectively gather useful data for years. A temperature sensor that fails after only a year or two is not a good investment. 


What Sets Connected IoT Apart in Temperature Data Logging


Understanding the importance of acquiring the right sensors and deploying them effectively is only one step of the process — next is forging a partnership you can trust. Why should Connected IoT be your top choice when you're looking for a reliable way to implement a new or better temperature sensing system in your operation? Here's how we excel:


  • We have well-developed relationships with major manufacturers and leading suppliers of IoT technology, including temperature sensors. When you need a temperature and humidity recorder that can withstand tough conditions, we know where to look. 

  • We have a keen understanding of sensor placement, setup, and maintenance that can help to extend and enhance the life of your investment over the long term. 

  • We can offer solutions for visualising, interpreting, and using the data you gather to generate reports. Collecting the information is not enough on its own — allow us to illuminate useful ways to leverage it, too. 

From our in-depth level of experience and commitment to client satisfaction to our ongoing efforts to remain on the cutting edge in our field, Connected IoT stands apart as a clear leader in this space. 


What You Can Expect from Us When You Need a Temperature Data Logger


What should you know about the actual process of working with our team? We endeavour to create robust systems that deliver the precise functionality our clients demand. When you engage our assistance in developing solutions for your business, you can expect service that:


  • Takes all your needs into account from the outset. We engage deeply with pre-planning and project assessment to ensure we have a clear sense of what types of sensors your business requires. 

  • Includes robust, attentive support even after the completion of your project. This technology evolves all the time, and we know it isn't always easy to keep up; lean on our understanding instead. 

  • Inspires confidence through clear communication and reliable transparency. We keep our clients "in the loop" and always make ourselves available to answer questions or to address concerns you may have with the project's status. 


About Connected IoT


The modern workplace is always changing, and the challenges facing companies today are complex and multi-faceted. At Connected IoT, we have decades of experience in helping our partners address these concerns. Gathering data can be a deceptively simple task, and our skills can prove invaluable in saving time and money while improving your ROI. Connect with our team today for a more in-depth look at the temperature and humidity logger solutions available now. 

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