Elpro ECOLOG and Central Monitoring

LIBERO W for Pharmacies

As a pharmacist, you are probably interested to monitor the temperature wherever you store pharmaceuticals.

Replace cumbersome min/max thermometers that require daily inspections with a much simpler solution to reduce your workload.

Use our self-powered, cost-efficient and carefree LIBERO W for monitoring.


LIBERO W for Clinical Trials

during clinical studies with an efficient tool for monitoring and documenting the temperature of your pharmaceuticals. If intervention is needed, there will be a visual and audio alarm to notify you. More than years of data archiving.


This battery-powered datalogger, which is independent of internet, network or power grid, can monitor one or two temperature and humidity points at the same time. Temperature and humidity are measured with a combined T/RH sensor.


Autonomous data logger with up to four channels for temperatures from -200 °C to +500 °C, with exchangable batteries.

Humidity Data Loggers

How Humidity Data Loggers Address Multiple Industry Needs


Humidity data loggers are ideal for monitoring and recording an important variable across multiple industries with a wide variety of applications from cold storage, transport to museum  and art preservation. Connected IoT has more than 25 years of experience in enabling clients to develop effective strategies for data monitoring. With a strong understanding of industry importance, we can identify a data logging solution and tailor it to your needs.


The Importance of Humidity Data Logging


Humidity and temperature data logging are crucial for multiple industries in which goods must stay within a highly specific threshold. Our experience includes helping clients to come up with data management solutions for the following applications and many others.

  • Companies in the food industry represent a significant percentage of our client base. From cold storage in retailers and restaurants to refrigerated transport to aging rooms for cheese and wine producers, accurately monitoring humidity levels is critical to a vast range of businesses.

  • Many pharmaceuticals and medical supplies must remain at specific temperatures and humidity levels to retain their quality, and our systems help businesses to keep them there.

  • Several industry applications for humidity and temperature loggers require a solution that can handle rugged outdoor conditions. Let our data logging solutions handle these hurdles without issue.


What Sets Connected IoT Apart Regarding a Humidity Logger?


Our decades of experience in the industry set us apart from our competitors. We have grown with the technological changes in the industry, maintaining our position at the leading edge and consistently offering only the most innovative data logging solutions to our clients. When you trust us to provide your humidity and temperature logging solutions, here is what you can expect.

  • Our services start by clearly defining your challenges and the ideal outcome. We work with you to determine your data logging needs as dictated by your business and your industry. Our goal is to get you to a reliable, technology-informed solution, and that process requires unbiased and independent advice from our team on the right technology for any context.

  • From there, we help with procurement and integration support. We want you to get the most value possible out of your investment by empowering your capabilities as an informed buyer. When you have made your choices, we will integrate them into your current infrastructure.

  • All the data in the world won’t help if you don’t have a way to view and study it. From mobile apps to advanced data visualisation, we can provide robust and multifaceted options.


Why a Humidity Recorder from Connected IoT Is Cost-Effective


When your business needs to maintain specific temperature ranges or humidity levels, depending on chance or inferior humidity data loggers puts you at risk. Small errors in monitoring can lead to ruined shipments or damaged merchandise—and a potential disaster for your bottom line. Trusting our precision equipment is the best defence against temperature violations, and with our decades of experience, we can help you to become a highly informed buyer. 

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