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ELPRO ECOLOG and Central Monitoring

LIBERO W for Pharmacies

As a pharmacist, you are probably interested to monitor the temperature wherever you store pharmaceuticals or vaccine.

Replace cumbersome min/max thermometers that require daily inspections with a much simpler solution to reduce your workload.

Use our self-powered, cost-efficient and carefree LIBERO W for monitoring.


LIBERO W for Clinical Trials

during clinical studies with an efficient tool for monitoring and documenting the temperature of your pharmaceuticals or vaccines. If intervention is needed, there will be a visual and audio alarm to notify you. More than years of data archiving.



This battery-powered datalogger, which is independent of internet, network or power grid, can monitor one or two temperature and humidity points at the same time. Temperature and humidity are measured with a combined T/RH sensor.



Autonomous data logger with up to four channels for temperatures from -200 °C to +500 °C, with exchangable batteries.

ELPRO Cloud for Connected Monitoring

Elpro's Cloud solution is GxP compliant, validated, scalable wireless solution designed for smaller pharmacies, clinical sites, drug, rooms and laboratories. Manage and access your critical data from anywhere via internet or Smartphone, 24 hours 7 days. The ECOLOG PRO measurement and communication units are used for temperature recording. The monitored readings are transmitted to software the elproCLOUD web portal, which stores and analyses the readings, generate alerts if set alarm limits are exceeded, and generates detailed reports. The temperature readings are easily accessible via a web browser and is also used tfor configuration. 

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