Libero data loggers and indicators

LIBERO ITS Temperature Indicator

ELPRO's proven LIBERO PDF data logger family covers all common requirements for monitoring of the cold chain for products in transit – from refrigeration to room temperature, dry-ice and humidity all the way to cryogenics. It is your perfect companion for clinical trials and storage of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. Food, pharmaceuticals or vaccine.

LIBERO CE whith Sensor and bracket
LIBERO CD Low Temperature Cryo Data Logger

ELPRO LIBERO Data Loggers are a range of data loggers for climate monitoring of smaller storage facilities, display cabinets or climate  chambers as well as for test and verification applications. The data logger automatically evaluates alarm criteria and creates a PDF report as soon as it is plugged into the USB port on any computer without the need of installing software. The Libero range include data loggers for temperature and humidity. A bracket for audible and visual alarm is available as optional extra.

LIBERO PDF Loggers with Bluetooth wireless read out

ELPRO LIBERO CE/CL/CH use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to wirelessly transmit data to support process automation of your ultra-low temperature applications. As with the entire ELPRO LIBERO C family, the BLE data loggers are compatible with LIBERO Cloud database solution. It is now possible to read out the data logger without unpacking the box via the Bluetooth interface to a smartphone.

LIBERO Real-Time Data Loggers

ELPRO LIBERO Gx Mobile IoT solution using cellular Cat M1 NBIoT networks and provides 24/7 access to shipment location and condition, including temperature, humidity, light, tilt and shock. 1-year battery life protects your pharmaceutical shipments further and longer around the globe. Compatible with ELPRO Cloud web portal. Data loggers suitable for 2-8 C, 15-25 C, -20 C down to ultra low -200 C with external probe.

The LIBERO Gx family is 100% calibrated and compliant; flight proof with no DGR declaration required; and has the widest available measurement range for real-time condition monitoring of -200 °C to +400°C.