The perfect analytical tool for all refrigeration systems

Delivering big energy savings

ClimaCheck has a unique method for analysis of cooling and heating processes which can lead to energy savings in the order of 10% to 30%, while also improving plant reliability. Connected IoT is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor for ClimaCheck.


The ClimaCheck system:

  • automates performance and energy analysis

  • independently validates manufacturer performance claims

  • delivers results within 30 minutes of installation

  • works with the most complex system configurations

  • can be easily understood and operated by technicians

  • is proven with tens of thousands of successful inspections

Temporary measurement

ClimaCheck PAPro3 Refrigeration Analyser Field kit

ClimaCheck Onsite contains portable field measurement equipment with software in a rugged case. Three compartment cases holding all sensors and most standard laptops.

If you want to conduct temporary measurements as part of trouble shooting, at the start of operations, or as a routine inspection, portable equipment can be used. 

The system works by attaching temperature, pressure and power sensors to the refrigeration system and connecting them to the ClimaCheck Onsite equipment.


Within 30 minutes of connection you will have complete documentation and analysis of the equipment’s performance and the functions of all components.


This mobile solution gives store managers, property owners, contractors and consultants immediate and precise answers as to plant is operating and pin points problem areas.

Permanent installations

For permanent installations in larger facilities ClimaCheck PA Pro delivers continuous monitoring of the system which gives you complete information about the system’s performance over time.

The PA Pro include communication options via LAN, fixed Internet connection or modem. ClimaCheck also offers a Modbus TCP gateway for connection with a building management or SCADA system.

Large systems

Smaller systems

For smaller systems with standard controllers that already have data points installed, ClimaCheck have developed the ClimaCheck Concom. 

The Concom is a cost-effective communication module ideally suited for condensing units and chillers in locations such as convenience stores, gas stations and commercial kitchens.

This module connects the plant to ClimaCheck Online and offers all the same powerful analytical features as its other offerings.

Online monitoring

With ClimaCheck Online you have the opportunity to monitor real-time data from any computer or mobile device with internet access. The online system includes advanced data visualation with  performance dashboards and energy reporting.


If a compressor or heat exchanger performance fails, refrigerant leaks, or if the equipment’s “energy profile” changes adversely, the system automatically sends an alarm (email or SMS) regarding the changes


Data for any point of time can also be downloaded for detailed analyses. Experts can analyse your data and make recommendations, without the expense of having to travel to your site.

How the system works

The systems works by analysing and evaluating data on chiller performance. Seven temperature probes are installed (see triangles) - on the discharge section,  before the expansion valve, on the inlet and outlet of the evaporator, and the inlet and outlet of the condenser. High and low pressures and power consumption are also measured. 

The ClimaCheck system determines a range of parameters including cycle efficiency, evaporator and condenser efficiency, compressor isentropic efficency, superheat and subcool, COP, EER, kW/ton and many more. This information is presented in flow charts, tables and graphs in way that help pinpoint any type of problem. Hundreds of templates are available to match even the most complex configurations. 

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