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Signal Explorer - A Portable test instrument

Signal Explorer carry case.JPG

The Signal Explorer is a 4G cellular signal strength test kit for cellular M2M and IoT applications. Detailed signal quality and signal strength can be displayed via units Wi-Fi link on a mobile phone, PC or tablet. The device is extremely easy to use for standard signal checking requirements, and has advanced and customisable features for users requiring additional functionality. Find the best quality network in the area, test different antennas and position. Optional GPS for simultaneous logging and upload to cloud with location and signal properties. 4G, LTE-M1 and NB-IoT in a single portable device.

Signal EXplorer wide view .jpg

Top view of Signal Explorer

Support for 4G, LTE-M1 and NB-Iot in one carry case

Signal Explorer open carry case gps.jpg

A single tool to manage 3G, 4G, CatM1 and NB-IoT. The included 4.5Ah Battery makes it possible to leave on site overnight with continuous uploads to cloud.

Mobile, PC, iPad via Wi-Fi to browser to view menu system and readings.

Local data and debug stored in the file system and optional cloud application. High flexibility to add features upon customer feedback and use cases.

Programmable test button that sends email or SMS for user that may not be that experienced, turn it on and send report back to base.

Custom fields to add notes such as antenna type, location, site name etc into data base.Optional GPS that adds location data to all readings.

Internal storage to store notes and CatM1 NBIoT readings outside 4G coverage.

All in a small carry case to make it portable and keep everything connected including charging circuit and SLA battery.

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