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Senseair Sunrise updated. 

December 2021


The Senseair Sunrise low power CO2 sensor has been updated to address component shortages.

Contact us for further details for new designs or migrations of existing products to the new sensor model.

LIBERO PDF Loggers with Bluetooth®

January 2021


LIBERO CE (updated with BLE), Libero CL and Libero CH use Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to wirelessly transfer data automatically of your low or ultra-low temperature applications. As with the entire LIBERO C family, the BLE data loggers are compatible with LIBERO Cloud database solution. The Libero Cx replaces the popular Ti1 and THi1 range and offer improved battery life up to 3 years and increased memory.

Libero CE for low temperature applications

January 2020


USB PDF Logger for external Pt100 probes (M8 connector). Temperature range -200 °C..+400 °C, multi use device, lifetime: 3 years, memory capacity: 75'500 values

New ClimaCheck Version 5


December 2019


ClimaCheck new release version 5 of onsite Software now offer WiFi and LAN communication between PC and ClimaCheck onsite with PA Pro III hardware. 

LIBERO Cx with BLE.jpg