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Senseair S8 Propane sensor. 

May 2021


A small, versatileC3H8 sensor module based on modern NDIR technology.  S8 Propane can be used in a wide range of applications such as refrigeration (e.g. R290).

LIBERO PDF Loggers with Bluetooth®

January 2021


LIBERO CE (updated with BLE), Libero CL and Libero CH use Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to wirelessly transfer data automatically of your low or ultra-low temperature applications. As with the entire LIBERO C family, the BLE data loggers are compatible with LIBERO Cloud database solution. The Libero Cx replaces the popular Ti1 and THi1 range and offer improved battery life up to 3 years and increased memory.

Libero CE for low temperature applications

January 2020


USB PDF Logger for external Pt100 probes (M8 connector). Temperature range -200 °C..+400 °C, multi use device, lifetime: 3 years, memory capacity: 75'500 values

New ClimaCheck Version 5


December 2019


ClimaCheck new release version 5 of onsite Software now offer WiFi and LAN communication between PC and ClimaCheck onsite with PA Pro III hardware. 

LIBERO Cx with BLE.jpg