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ELPRO is a Swiss-based, global manufacturer of innovative environmental monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech and health care industries. While the company's main mission is to support clients to make medicine safe for patient. The company's products can be used in a wide variety of other industries which have a similar focus on efficiency and compliance throughout the supply chain. Connected IoT is the Australian distributor for all ELPRO products.

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Delivering peace of mind with end-to-end compliance across your supply chain

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Environment controlled supply chains present significant logistical challenges. Efficient and safe management of supply chains requires automation of processes with full transparency of data. It is important that any solution is easily integrated into existing systems to help you manage your products stability budget. 


Using ELPRO software and technology, we can deliver systems tailored to your unique processes so that you never have to worry about audit time again.

ELPRO -  Quality in the DNA

  • The solutions that are GxP compliant within the pharmaceutical, food and life science industry

  • Elpro products are designed to save time, reduce cost and increase safety.

  • Each product is traceable back to its components, production run, tests and calibration

  • Every product comes with its own validation certificate.

  • Connected IoT train customers to use the product and provide support with quality actions

  • Compliance is in ELPRO’s DNA

Monitoring Solutions for Life Science and Healthcare

Laboratory Temperature Monitoring Systems

Preserving an accurate temperature is crucial for maintaining the quality of pharmaceuticals, food, and other products. It is also important for various industrial procedures. To ensure the accuracy of temperature monitoring, it is vital to guarantee the correct state and calibration of temperature data logger devices and sensors in refrigerators, freezers, ULT freezers, cryo containers, or incubators. This is especially important for daily laboratory operations, including processing, analysis, and storage. Accurate record-keeping and temperature tracking of all laboratory equipment are essential for precise analysis, traceability, and compliance with regulations.

Cold Chain Monitoring


Looking for a cold chain monitoring solution that is end-to-end GxP compliant for pharmaceutical products?


  • The Cold Chain is the effective management of the vaccine temperature from the manufacturer to the point it is administered to a patient

  • In order to maintain vaccine potency, some must be kept between 2-8 C others at ultra-low -70 C at all times during storage and transportation

  • Cold chain breaches occur when the temperature of a vaccine vial or shipments goes below or above set temperature limits during its entire shelf life. The vaccines that are subjected to cold chain breaches can be less effective in some cases they need to discarded.


ELPRO specialises in providing cold chain monitoring solutions that are compliant with global standards.

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LIBERO single use data loggers
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Libero Cx for Independency

Looking for stand alone IATA compliant data logging solution?


  • Libero Cx is a next-generation independent monitoring solution for temperature and humidity

  • Whole product range available to suites a wide range of temperatures and application (2 to 8C -20 C -200 to 400  C)

  • Reconfigurable and reusable up to 3 years

  • Fully GxP compliant

  • Ideal for cryogenic container monitoring

  • Auto-generated easy to understand PDF reports

  • Bluetooth readout via smartphones

Libero Cx - Affordable temperature and humidity monitoring at the highest quality level

LIBERO Cx for independent monitoring

Calibration of data loggers

One of the key factors in maintaining the accuracy of temperature monitoring is regular calibration of the temperature data logger devices and sensors. Calibration involves comparing the readings of the devices and sensors with a known reference temperature to ensure their accuracy. Trained professionals with the necessary expertise and equipment should carry out this process.

In addition to calibration, it is important to regularly check the state of the temperature data logger devices and sensors. This includes inspecting them for any physical damage or signs of wear and tear. Any damaged or faulty devices should be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent inaccurate temperature readings.

Furthermore, it is crucial to store the temperature data logger devices and sensors properly when they are not in use. They should be kept in a clean and dry environment, away from any sources of heat or extreme temperatures. This will help to prolong their lifespan and maintain their accuracy.

To ensure accurate record-keeping and temperature tracking, it is recommended to use a centralized monitoring system. This system allows for real-time monitoring of temperature data from multiple devices and sensors, providing a comprehensive overview of the temperature conditions in the laboratory. It also enables easy access to historical temperature data for analysis and compliance purposes.

Regular training and education of laboratory staff on the importance of temperature monitoring and proper use of temperature data logger devices and sensors is also essential. This will help to ensure that everyone understands the significance of accurate temperature control and the role they play in maintaining the quality of products and complying with regulations.

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Connected data logging
LIBERO W for clkinical trials
LIBERO W for pharmacist image

LIBERO Gx Mobile IoT Real-time monitoring

Time to go real-time for cold chain product and monitoring?

  • Libero Gx measures temperature, humidity and its position via cellular networks

  • Over 1 year of battery life

  • Use it for any shipment, inside the packaging or installed outside a large container

  • Suitable for Air, Rail or Sea consignment

  • All the data automatically flows into safe and regulatory compliant ELPRO Cloud.

  • If required ELPRO Cloud will send alarms and warning to your selected delivery method, email or SMS. This will give you time to react before your valuable cargo is damaged

  • Temperature, humidity sensors and data loggers are fully calibrated and compliant with GxP and IATA standards

  • Complete product solutions to cover a wide range of temperatures such as ultra-low, fridge to room temperature.

  • RCM approval for use in Australia

Libero Gx - Go real-time with a IoT monitoring solution

LIBERO GE real time data logger

ELPRO Libero ITS indicators

Looking to get started with a cost-effective solution to monitor temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical product and clinical trial kits?

  • Provides the quality assurance needed in the last mile for the product in transit and storage.

  • Models for fridge temperature 2-8 C or room 15-25 C

  • Advanced indicator functionality in the size of a postage stamp

  • Measures and records temperature deviations of all the pharmaceutical products such as vaccine shipment, clinical trial kits and sales units for the entire shelf life

  • ITS indicators are priced for individual sales kit or sample collection

  • Works with any smartphone using free software

  • Provides PDF reports and ELPRO Cloud uploads.

  • Fully GxP compliant and come with NIST certificate for each indicator


Libero ITS - Get started easily to measure the stability budgets and take your cold chain process to the next level


ELPRO Cloud – The Latest Temperature Monitoring Solution

Looking for a temperature monitoring solution in the Internet of Things, IoT?

  • All the pharmaceutical products such as a vaccine, clinical trial kits and patient sales kits are temperature sensitive and they must be constantly monitored for temperature variations and kept within desired temperature ranges during the research and development, production, storage and transportation

  • ELPRO Cloud solution works by communicating to a communication gateway that collects data from nearby wireless sensors

  • The solution is easy to install with options to change and grow

  • A constantly growing knowledge base to self-serve and self-maintenance at low cost over many years

  • Designed to use anywhere in the world to monitor laboratories, warehouses and trucks with the full support of worldwide pharmaceutical compliance


ELPRO Cloud – monitor your products from production to patient

ELPRO Cloud image

ELPRO ECOLOG plug and play – Connected monitoring for rooms and equipment

Looking to measure multiple data points with an out of the box solution?

  • Ecolog provides you with modular environmental condition monitoring solution with multiple intelligent sizes

  • Easy to set up over LAN, WAN and WLAN and plug and play bases are up and running in few easy steps

  • It integrates into your IT infrastructure without any heavy technical overheads

  • Wired or wireless 915 MHz local radio network, RCM approved for use in Australia

  • Flexibility to use various sensors and dataloggers in your customised setup

  • An ideal solution to monitor rooms and equipment which ensure that the right information gets to the right person

  • Design to support R&D, production and logistics processors

  • Save significant time and money in your processes such as sensor configuration, alarm responses, data analytics and deviation reporting

  • Up to hundreds of measurement points of temperature, humidity and other common and customised parameters

  • Scale up or down option as required


Ecolog plug and play – Now you ready to monitor, measure and analyse

ECOLOG PRO Base image

Elpro Libero W – “The solution”

Want to stay up to date and compliant without manual min-max reports?

  • Built with pharmacies in mind, suitable for fridge 2 to 8 C

  • A tool that provides intuitive and efficient reports that are easy to understand

  • Be warned about upcoming potential issues. Be ready and prepared

  • Comes preconfigured and ready to use out of the box

  • Wireless and self-powered

  • Low battery and calibration warnings automatically generated visually and by sound alert


ELPRO Libero W – Important things are first, your temperature monitoring is now simple

LIBERO W data logging system
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