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Eltek Temperature Sensors

Thermistors - For Ambient Temperatures

Thermistors are ideal for temperatures between -50°C to + 150°C and combine fast response time and accuracy. Long cable lengths can be used.

Type U: 2000 ohms at 25°C (accuracy +/-0.1°C over the range 0 to 70°C)



The most common types are J, K and T. The temperature range for your application decides what type to use. Calibration recommended.

PRTs (Platinum resistance) - Accurate at High Temperatures


PRTs are best suited for measuring temperatures down to -100°C and up to +600°C with good long-term stability and accuracy. Eltek products support only PT100 Platinum Resistance Sensors.

Due to the small change in resistance of PRTs, cable resistance can affect the accuracy of the sensor. Three or preferably four wire cables are recommended, and long lengths should be avoided.

Eltek Probe Types


For general purpurse. These are Robust, fast response, stainless steel, rounded end probes. Typical applications include water, air, vapours, liquids, cryo containers, cold rooms, powders, fridges, freezers, food...

Items marked with a * are available the most common and have a shorter lead time.

Length 125mm, dia. 4.8mm
CS temperature probe
Length 50mm, dia. 3.2mm
CM temperature sensor
Length 125mm, dia. 4.8mm
CMS temperature sensor image
Length 50mm, dia. 4.8mm
XT temperature probe
Exposed Junction Thermocouples

Thermocouple sensor at end of cable (conductors are exposed and welded at tip). Fast response, low cost. See cable information for temperature and length details.

Surface Temperature


Sensor mounted on either copper or stainless steel base. Typical applications include radiators, pipes, pumps, motors etc

EU* (copper base) / EUS (st. st. base)
Length 50mm, dia. 4.8mm

Globe dia. 36mm

AG temperature probe
Room Temperature


Sensor assembly mounted on aluminum bracket. Removeable black plastic globe to allow for the effect of radiant heat. Typical applications include radiant temperature and air temperature measurements.

Insertion Probes


Stainless steel sheath with a pointed end and choice of handle for easy insertion and withdrawal into solid material. Typical applications include frozen food, soil and ice etc

length 50mm, dia. 3.2mm (no handle)
CMP temperature probe
REC temperature probe
Lead Types

1. Lead length up to 20m can be supplied with thermistor sensors.

2. For platinum resistance types P2 max length is 15m.

Soft Insertion Probe


Sensor sealed into smooth round ended flexible translucent PVC tubing which is smoothly fused onto cable. For delicate applications requiring flexible soft insertion.

Note: this product is not a medical device and is not intended for use with humans or animals.

Flat temperature probe
TH thermocouple sensor image
Connector types
Sensor gwith flying lead

Code 0

No plug (bare wire tails).

Thermocouple plug image

Code 3


Thermoplug (colour coded) 2 pin ISO.
T type - Brown
K type - Green
J type - Black
Note: Thermocouple plugs are not included with either Eltek data loggers or GenII GS21/24 or 24H transmitters.

Small connector

Code 4

Tini QG-3 pin

Mini plug  for trasnmitters

For transmitters


Code 5 - Mini plug 2 way with strain relief (3.4mm pin spacing)

Code 6 - Mini plug 4 way with strain relief

Code 7 - Mini plug 8 way with strain relief

For wired loggers


Code 8 - Standard plug 3 way with strain relief (5.3mm pin spacing)

Code 9 - Standard plug 4 way with strain relief

Code 10 - Standard plug 5 way with strain relief

Code 11 - Standard plug 7 way with strain relief

Code 12 - Standard plug 8 way with strain relief

Code 13 - Standard plug 10 way with strain relief

Capacitive Humidity and Temperature Probes


The RHT10E & RHT20E are cost-effective, compact and robust RH and temperature probes for use with Eltek GenII transmitters (the probes are not suitable for other applications).
The sensor is housed in a replaceable protective cap with non-removable stainless steel (grade 316) 100-micron dust filter.
The RHT10E & RHT20E are intended for indoor, non-condensing applications. The RH and temp sensor is removable thereby permitting exchange or calibration.
The lead is non-detachable and can be ordered at a user-specified length from 1m up to 10m.

Temperature and humidity probe


(probe and protective cap)    Diameter:    12.5mm
Length:    67mm



Temperature*    Range    -30 to +65°C
Resolution    0.1°C
Sensor accuracy    ±0.4°C (+10 to +40°C)
±1.0°C (-20 to +70°C)
Relative Humidity (non condensing)*    Range    0-100% non condensing
Resolution    0.1%
Accuracy    ±2% (10 to 90%RH)    ±4% (0 to 100%RH)



Temperature*    Range    -30 to +65°C
Resolution    0.1°C
Sensor accuracy    ±0.1°C (+20 to +50°C)
±0.3°C (-20 to +70°C)
Relative Humidity (non condensing)*    Range    0-100% non condensing
Resolution    0.1%
Accuracy    ±1.5% (0 to 80%RH)    ±2% (80 to 100%RH)

For PT100 Sensors, contact Connected IoT for advice on connector types.

Note: We can terminate probes with other connectors to mate with the Squirrel when ordered together with the data logger.

Spare probes are supplied only terminated with the connector types identified above.

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