Eltek 1000 Series Squirrel data loggers provide a flexible combination of up to 250 channels, ranges, memory sizes and features. If there is not already a model for a particular application, then Eltek can almost certainly make one.

Eltek's range of hard wired data loggers use a modular design
The Squirrel data logger consists of the main board, display and battery. The main board include external power, display, RS232 serial port, a pulse counter, 8 bit digital signal input and output connector. You can add eight additional input boards to the main board at time of order.

Each Squirrel Datalogger contains one CPU module and a minimum of one  input board. The CPU board supports two inputs of its own; one event input and one pulse counter. Max 8 input modules can be combined into one Squirrel Datalogger, for a total of 250 inputs. These inputs can be temperature, pressure, voltage, current etc in different combinations and ranges. The Squirrel minimum logging interval of one second and can record up to 10 analogue channels per second. Squirrel data loggers with faster logging, special Squirrels are available which can measure up to 8 channels with a minimum logging interval of 0.1sec. 

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