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Eltek Wired Data Loggers

Eltek 1000 Series Squirrel data loggers provide a flexible combination of channels, ranges, memory sizes and extra options. If there is not already a model which fits a particular application, then Eltek can almost certainly make one. Information about the Telemetry data loggers can be found here.


1063 Model
(24 Voltage/Current + 24 Thermocouple)


1067 Model
(48 Voltage/Current)


99 Channel model
(48 Voltage/Current + 48 PT100)


  • Battery or mains operated and easily portable

  • Configuration and Metering by:

    • Panel Controls and display

    • Locally connected PC using Darca Software

    • Remotely connected PC (using Darca Software) via GSM, landline or radio modem

  • Measure up to 250 analogue or digital channels, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, resistance, current or any other suitable sensor output

  • Non volatile internal memory providing up to 2 million readings of secure data

  • Readings can be scaled into appropriate units (e.g. m/sec, p.p.m.)

  • Low power consumption for long term unattended use or portable operation

  • Customised firmware for specialised requirements

  • LAN Network adaptor for Ethernet connection

  • Highly accurate: ±(0.1% of reading, +0.2% of range span)

  • 12 bit resolution

  • Sensor power outputs

  • 1 pulse count channel and 8 event/digital channels in addition to other inputs

  • External triggers can start and stop the logger

  • Rapid memory download at 38400 baud

  • Up to 99 logging "runs" may be stored

  • 3 year guarantee

Squirrel Modules


Each Squirrel Datalogger typically contains one CPU module and at least one input module. The CPU module contains two inputs of its own; one event input and one pulse input. Up to 8 input modules can be combined into one Squirrel Datalogger, for a maximum total of 250 input channels.

Which modules are available?

  • U Thermistor Type U

  • K/T Thermocouple type K or T

  • P Platinum Resistance PT100

  • V/C Voltage or Current

  • AC AC Voltage or Current

  • pH pH

  • Co Conductivity

  • B Pulse Count

  • F Frequency

  • D Event / Digital




(No additional height added)

Note: the CPU is provided with 1 x B input as standard
One only of the following modules can be added to the CPU.

MXP - Adds 1 additional B input (100 Hz Maximum)
MF2 - Adds 2 additional F inputs (standard 1 x B input forfeited)
MF3 - Adds 3 additional F inputs (standard 1 x B input forfeited)




The Squirrel data loggers enables cost effective direct connection to a range of sensor types including temperature, humidity, and pH with options for pulse, frequency and digital inputs. Any transmitter with voltage or 4-20 mA output can be scaled with engineering units to measure pressures, air quality, CO2 using universal inputs.

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