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ClimaCheck Real Time monitoring 

With ClimaCheck online you have the opportunity to monitor the cooling and air conditioning units and heat pumps from any computer or mobile device with internet access, which gives you immediate access to current data.ClimaCheck clearly detect savings and validates optimisation measures for best possible Energy Efficiency. ClimaCheck identifies the problem long before breakdowns and energy bills sky rocket.


Get full access to your equipment and alarms by SMS or email if any reading is outside the predetermined limits. Data for any point of time can also be downloaded for detailed analyses.

 The System Efficiency index (SEI) dashboard allow an in depth analyses for extensive troubleshooting and fine tuning of the HVAC or refrigeration system.

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ClimaCheck Concom is a cost-effective communication module for condensing units and chillers to ensure efficiency and reliability in convenience stores, gas stations and commercial kitchens.

The perfect solution for predictive maintenance to get full control and lower service and energy cost for smaller systems re-using existing controllers that already have sensors installed.

If you have a Building Management System (BMS), you already have most the data needed. By integrating with ClimaCheck online you can get the unique information from ClimaCheck, directly in to your BMS system to ensure optimum system efficiency.

Energy reports and Energy Signatures now available! ClimaCheck online services build an energy signature that allow building owners to follow the energy consumption of their plants and system to automatically send alert if energy usage increases. Technicians can troubleshoot any deviation from expected or historical usage patterns. To know the baseline is the first step in optimisation. ClimaCheck enables comparison between similar sites and equipment configurations.

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