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LIBERO Real-Time GL data loggers’ journey across the world

Updated: Mar 2

A recent journey of a LIBERO GL Temperature Data Logger
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Recently a LIBERO real time temperature data logger was packed in a box in Switzerland. The courier picked up and took the shipment via road transport to nearest depot in Basel then continued to departure airport Roissy Charles De Gaulle in France with first stop in Singapore.

map of the data logger journey

Note that the flight mode is automatically activated when the plane departs on the 16th near midnight.

graph of transit from origin to destination

The flight mode is on, the real time temperature monitoring continues at set interval. The LIBERO GL reconnects to local cellular network in Singapore automatically until it departs on the last leg to Sydney, Australia.

map over final flight of data logger

The LIBERO automatically reconnect to Telstra LTE-M1 network upon arrival in Sydney waiting on the courier to pick up. The shipment travel by road via Enfield depot.

shipment with delivery courier in Sydney

The next morning delivery to storage in Artarmon, NSW.

Get in touch to discuss how your next temperature or temperature/humidity shipments can be monitored in real time throughout the cold chain.

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