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Senseair Sunrise CO₂ sensor has passed testing.

Updated: Mar 3

Senseair Sunrise a very accurate and low power efficient sensor. Suitable for battery operated devices It complies with several modern standards and recently passed testing and passed Addendum ab to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022.

Sunrise is a NDIR sensor with Optical Solid State design. Using no moving parts makes this sensor robust and resistant to challenging applications like transport and vehicle applications. Tough environment including areas with explosion risk is benefited by the solid state design.

One of the first NDIR sensors with LED technology saving power at the same time as maintaining a high precision.

Low Power CO2 sensor for wireless and battery operated devices.
Sunrise low power CO2 sensor

The ultra low power consumption makes Sunrise optimal for battery and wireless applications.

Thanks to the built-in self-calibration algorithm the sensor can be in operation for the next 15 years and still be accurate.

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