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Important features of temperature monitoring devices (TMD).

Updated: Mar 24

There are many different brands of temperature data loggers on the market today. Most of them are battery operated to enable portable data logging at different locations or during transport. Temperature sensitive goods such as vaccines can be monitored throughout the cold chain from manufacturer, during shipping to storage at pharmacy or hospital.

Basic requirements are:

  1. Clear display with current temperature and indication of any violation of temperature limits

  2. Memory storage to match the typical applications for a medical fridge or store room.

  3. Automatic generation of a PDF report without dedicated software via USB port.

  4. Optional wireless Bluetooth interface to smartphone.

  5. Easy to set up and use.

  6. High accuracy and stability of the monitored temperature.

ELPRO LIBERO W for pharmacies
LIBERO W wireless Temperature data loggers

The optional wireless Bluetooth interface or cellular networks CatM1 and NBIoT real time data logging add new functionality. The pharmaceuticals no longer need to be unpacked to verify that the temperature has been kept within limits. The readings are automatically uploaded to cloud or emailed straight from your smartphone.

National vaccine storage guidelines published by Australian Government Health Department for temperature monitoring devices including data loggers can be found at here

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