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Brian Cox demonstrate versatility of Eltek Squirrel data logger

Updated: Mar 2

The international science celebrity Brian Cox made use of an Eltek data logger in a recent episode of his Wonder of Life series for the BBC.

Brian Cox demonstrating Eltek data logger for environmental monitoring
Brian Cox holding Squirrel data logger

In the episode, Professor Cox explores how the process of photosynthesis can be observed by measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide in the forest canopy.

Filmed in the cloud forests of Madagascar, a balloon is used to lift a carbon dioxide sensor connected to an Eltek Squirrel data logger into the canopy. Using the results from the battery-powered data logger, Cox shows how the CO2 level varies by about 10% during the day in a sinusoidal pattern.

The data logger is one of a number in the Eltek range. The Squirrel 1000 series featured in Cox’s TV episode provides a flexible combination of channels, ranges and memory sizes. With 124 analogue or digital channels, it can connect to virtually any type of sensor. It has very low power consumption making it suitable for long term environmental monitoring or portable use as demonstrated by Cox.

Eltek Squirrel data logger used for environmental monitoring
Close up of Eltek Squirrel data logger

You can find out more about the data logger on Connected IoT’s Eltek page.

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