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Connected iot

Data acquisition made easy

IoT interfaces

What we do

Connected ioT helps you:

  1. Selecting the Right wireless and networking Technology:

  2. integrate it into your system and processes, and

  3. help make sense of the data to use it to improve efficiencies and  reduce operating costs  

We are in the business of providing comprehensive IoT solutions, focusing on helping clients select, integrate, and derive value from connected technologies. Our emphasis on understanding client needs, developing effective strategies, and designing scalable solutions is essential in the rapidly evolving field of IoT.


Our 30 years’ experience as a distributor and integrator of wireless technologies positions you well to assist businesses in navigating the complexities of IoT adoption. The ability to optimise energy efficiency and interpret data from diverse sensors and applications is increasingly valuable in today's interconnected world.


We offer solutions using various connectivity options wired or wireless like LoRa, Sigfox, LTE, NB-IoT, or telemetry showcases our expertise in offering a range of solutions tailored to different requirements and environments. Helping businesses navigate the migration to IoT and aiding in technology selection is crucial as companies seek to harness the potential of connected devices while managing the intricacies involved.


We focus on delivering useful data to businesses highlights the practical value you aim to provide through your IoT solutions, ultimately aiming to improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs for our clients.​

Strong Partnerships

Connected ioT works with some of the leading brands in the wireless communication, performance analysis, sensors and data acquisition world. ClimaCheck Performance Analyser, Eltek Specialist Data Loggers and Telemetry Systems, ELPRO IoT Data Loggers, Real-time Data Loggers, temperature and humidity USB data loggers, Australis M2M Modbus 4G gateways,  Senseair CO2 and Refrigerant sensors and controllers for demand control of ventilation


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Industries we serve

We assist every industry, with a particular focus on the following

Building Icon PNG.png

Building Services -

Energy Optimisation and Controls

Food Icon PNG.png

Food - Data Loggers and monitoring

Warehouse Icon PNG.png

Warehousing -- Data Loggers and Monitoring


Transport - Data Loggers Cold Chain

Contact Us

PO Box 269, Milsons Point, NSW 1565, Australia

02 8007 5153

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