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ELPRO: The Best USB Temperature Data Logger for Healthcare and Biotech


With the USB temperature data logger from ELPRO, it is easier than ever before for companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology industries to achieve compliance and safe storage of their products. These types of companies often face strict legal requirements when it comes to the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors of the spaces they use for storing or transporting their products. These laws are vital for ensuring that vaccines and medications stay safe for patients both in storage and in transit. At Connected IoT, we provide the technologies that allow for easy remote monitoring and documentation of key temperature and humidity data points.


Benefits of a USB Data Logger


ELPRO is a Switzerland-based company that manufactures innovative environmental monitoring products for various industries throughout the healthcare space. The company’s USB data logger technology yields numerous significant benefits for clients, including:

  • Environment-controlled supply chains. ELPRO provides data tracking for virtually every aspect of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Managing environmental factors for the entire supply chain is no small feat, given the fact that it includes R&D labs, production plants, storage warehouses and transportation containers. By monitoring environmental data points in each of these areas, ELPRO and its range of USB temperature and humidity data loggers have made it easier to get a product from conception to a client with no lapses in compliance or safe environment en route.

  • Identifying temperature ‘excursions.’ ELPRO uses multiple unique terms in discussing temperature and environmental factors in how they relate to the safe consumption of pharmaceutical products. The first is the idea of a ‘stability budget,’ or the amount of time a pharma product can spend outside its ideal temperature range without becoming unsafe to produce. The second is ‘excursion,’ which is the term ELPRO uses to talk about when products do skew beyond that preferred temperature range. With each excursion, your product uses up some of its ‘stability budget’. If it goes beyond the ‘budget,’ it can no longer be safely consumed by a patient and must be discarded. By tracking and recording data about temperature excursions, a USB temperature logger can help pharmaceutical companies keep a closer eye on this vital data.

  • Improving operations: An ELPRO USB logger tracks environmental data in real-time, recording excursions and setting off alarm notifications if a shipment exhausts its stability budget. The data is transferred to compliant PDF reports, which your business can use to identify problem areas in the supply chain and improve operations to cut down on excursion times in the future.


Avoiding excursions entirely throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain is impossible. Occasionally, your products will have to leave a controlled environment to get from point A to point B. A USB temp logger lets you monitor these excursions as closely as possible, giving you the data, you need to ensure product quality and save millions of dollars in lost shipments.


What Sets Connected IoT Apart Regarding USB Temperature Data Logger Products


If you are in the market for a reliable USB temperature data logger in Australia, you might wonder what makes Connected IoT the right supplier for the technology you need. Here are a few of the factors that set us apart in serving this market niche in Australia’s healthcare industry:

  • Our partners. Since 1995, we have been bringing environmental monitoring solutions to companies in Australia, with our target industries ranging from food and beverage to building services. Rather than manufacturing our own solutions, we have always sought out the finest partners and forged valuable alliances with them. It is through these partnerships that we can put top-of-the-market solutions from brands such as ELPRO, ClimaCheck, Eltek Specialist Data Loggers, Senseair and Pikkerton GmbH at your fingertips.

  • Our tailored approach. Every company has different processes, which means every company also has different needs. ELPRO’s USB temperature products aren’t intended to be plug-and-play solutions. Instead, the idea is for your business to tailor those solutions to match your operations and the specific products and processes you bring to the table. Every pharmaceutical product, for instance, has a slightly different stability budget. You will need to configure your ELPRO devices to understand what that budget is and trigger alarms accordingly. At Connected IoT, we not only sell you the products but help you configure and tailor a solution to suit your specific requirements.

  • Our integration. A crucial part of tailoring your USB temperature and humidity sensor to match the needs of your operations is integration. You want the data logging technology to integrate seamlessly with the systems you have in place so that you don’t have to fundamentally change key aspects of your supply chain to start tracking data. ELPRO has designed its products with integration in mind, but our team at Connected IoT will help you to forge those integrations to maximise convenience and efficiency.


Why Trust Connected IoT Regarding USB Temperature Data Logger Technology


With nearly 25 years of industry knowledge and experience under our belts, our team at Connected IoT knows the products we sell and how to optimise each of those products to solve our clients’ prevalent pain points. Our goal, to provide USB temperature data logger products for your pharma or biotech company, is to affect positive change for your operations. ELPRO’s products offer distinct advantages in the race for product preservation, regulatory compliance and more. If you have been struggling to get your products through the supply chain without going over your stability budget, or if you need a better way to track excursions, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

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