LIBERO W Set unconfigured, containing base station and sensor with an internal probe. Production Calibration Certificate includes 3 calibration points electrical calibration (-35 °C, 0 °C, +50 °C) and 3 calibration points in thermal bath (0 °C, +15 °C, +25 °C) can be easily downloaded here: WHO registered: PQS-Number is E006/056.





Freezer Data Logger

Maintain Control of Your Products with a Freezer Data Logger


Restaurants and businesses that rely on keeping chemicals, testing conditions, and products at specific temperatures stand to benefit significantly from using a freezer data logger. This device tracks temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions to ensure that they are consistent and ideal over any given period. We address several ways that these devices can help your business and what you can expect from Connected IoT temperature logger solutions.


Benefits of a Fridge Temperature Data Logger 


Your own policies and governmental regulations in your industry likely already require you to log temperature conditions in your fridges and freezers. Conducting these checks manually is time-consuming and only tells you part of the story. Data loggers improve on these old methods in several ways.

  • Wireless Connectivity - Fridge temperature data loggers take advantage of the Internet of Things to provide constant and useful feedback for your team. Rather than manually checking the temperature periodically, you access real-time temperature and humidity data so that you’re aware the moment when your fridge suffers a performance issue.

  • Loss Prevention - Following from connectivity, these temperature sensors and loggers permit you to act immediately if your fridge fails. Whether you need to preserve temperature for a scientific test or your restaurant’s performance, accurate temperature control will help you to rapidly prevent a significant setback.

  • Transportation - Long-haul transit carries risks as professionals move temperature-sensitive products between facilities. Modern trucks have excellent climate control, but Australia’s harsh conditions can push these machines to their limits. Track temperature throughout the journey and be confident that there was never a point at which your products left safe temperature levels. 


What Sets Connected IoT Apart Regarding a Cold Chain Data Logger?


A few qualities set our business apart as a source for data loggers:

  • Our quality devices maximise the effectiveness of your data logging procedure. We rely only on trusted brands such as Elpro, Eltek, and Senseair to provide exceptional support to the restaurant industry and research scientists alike. These data loggers have a long record of reliable performance as they combine durability with sensitivity and accuracy.

  • If you’re struggling to find ways to upgrade your physical plant, we offer a consultancy service that can identify areas of improvement. We believe that greater connectivity and access to the Internet of Things are essential factors for businesses that want to take the next step in a modern economy.

  • While we stock trusted brands, we’re not obligated to vouch for their quality beyond our personal experiences with them. As a result, when you speak with our team, you’ll only get honest, accurate advice from an independent party that seeks to provide the most satisfying service possible for every client.


Why Trust Connected IoT Regarding a Fridge Data Logger?


For more than two decades, we have supported Australian companies ranging from independent shops to large corporations. We recognise the challenges of remaining current with industry trends as technological development increase in speed and impact. While you focus on the task at hand, let us help you to make the transition and remain competitive. 

Contact us to learn how our data loggers can provide unrivalled benefits to your business.

LIBERO W Data Logger fridges and freezers

SKU: 801415
  • Product type:


    Logger/module type:


    Probe type:

    Datalogger with NTC-Probe, internal

    Typical application area:

    Refrigerator, climate room, transportatin box, incubator

    Measurement parameters:


    Measurement range temperature:

    -10 °C..+50 °C

    Measurement accuracy temperature:

    ±0.4 °C [0.0 °C..+25.0 °C] / ±0.5 °C [-10.0 °C..-0.1 °C] / ±0.8 °C [+25.1 °C..+50.0 °C]


    Multiple Use


    8 alarm levels



    Memory capacity:

    70'000 measurement values per logger


    115 x 82.5 x 27 mm (4.53 x 3.25 x 1.06 inch) / 195g (6.88 oz)


    ABS plastic material

    Protection class:

    IP 54


    Production calibration certificate, validation certificate

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