Professional Multi Sensors Multi Protocol Wireless Sensor Networks


Pikkerton GmbH design and manufacture ultra low power, multi protocol multi sensors for building services and supermarkets.

Supported technologies are Wi Fi, Zigbee, Digimesh 900 MHz, LoRa, Cat M1, NBIoT and more.

Pikkerton has extensive experience in wireless technology and electronic design. Connected IoT is authorised  reseller of their products, providing full installation, commissioning and maintenance support. 

Multi-protocol multi-sensor

  • Temperature, locally and via external temperature sensors

  • humidity

  • VOC / TVOC / eCO2 (air quality)

  • CO2

  • brightness

  • UV index

  • Move

  • People counting, differentiation of the direction of movement

  • Shock, vibration, tap, orientation

  • Stat. Air pressure

  • Contact monitoring of 1 potential-free pulse input, contacts can be configured as NOC / NCC. Alarm message in the event of a change, e.g. for door contact

  • 1x relay output 48VDC, 100mA

  • 120 x 120 x 25 mm

  • Proactive “battery low” message

  • Firmware can be updated via radio

  • Protocols: MQTT, LwM2M


NBS-140 - Narrowband IoT/Cat-M1

  • Contact monitoring of 1-6 dry contacts, 2 are S0-capable

  • Counted pulses are stored locally and saved once a day or once per hour in non-volatile memory (adjustable via SW)

  • Contact Monitoring: Contacts can be configured as NOC / NCC. Alarm message immediately after state change

  • Measurement of 2 temperatures via external cables (PT1000)

  • Leakage sensor internal or external

  • Max. IP65 (depending on cable entry), cable gland is included

  • Fast internal connection for rigid & flexible cables with tool-less connection technology

  • Proactive "Battery Low" message

  • Firmware update-capable via radio

  • Protocols: MQTT, LwM2M