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Pikkerton GmbH design and manufacture ultra low power, multi protocol multi sensors for building services and supermarkets.

Supported technologies are Wi Fi, Zigbee, Digimesh 900 MHz, LoRa, Cat M1, NBIoT and more.

Pikkerton has extensive experience in wireless technology and electronic design. Connected IoT is authorised  reseller of their products, providing full installation, commissioning and maintenance support. 

 The XBS-200 communicates via a large amount of wireless protocols: including NB-IoT and/or Cat-M1 and WiFi. Its support extreme power-saving modesand a flexible battery configuration either with 2x AA or 4x AA, optimal for a long battery lifetime os several years. MQTT and  LwM2M protocols supported.

NBS-140 NB-IoT 1-6x Pulse counter/contact sensor with temperature measurement and leakage sensor. MQTT and  LwM2M protocols supported

NB-IoT Room Sensor Temperature, Relative Humidity VOC / TVOC / eCO2 Air Quality. MQTT and  LwM2M protocols supported.

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