Eltek - Sensor Types

There is a very large selection of sensors and transmitters and sensors for the wired and telemtry data loggers. Contact us for further details. 

Temperature Sensors


For Ambient Temperatures

Thermistors are ideal for ambient temperatures as they combine fast response time and accuracy. Range extremes are -50°C to + 150°C. Long cable lengths can be used.

Type U: 2000 ohms at 25°C (accuracy +/-0.1°C over the range 0 to 70°C)




PRTs (Platinum resistance)

Accurate at High Temperatures

PRTs are best suited for measuring temperatures down to -100°C and up to +600°C with good long term stability and accuracy. Due to the small change in resistance of PRTs, cable resistance can affect the accuracy of the sensor. Three or preferably four wire cables should be used and long lengths should be avoided. Eltek products support only PT100 Platinum Resistance Sensors.

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