Monitoring Solutions for Life Science and Healthcare

ELPRO is a Swiss-based, global manufacturer of innovative environmental monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech and health care industries. While the company's main mission is to support clients make medicine safe for patients, the company's products can be used in a wide variety of other industries which have a similar focus on efficiency and compliance throughout the supply chain. Connected IoT is the Australian distributor for all ELPRO products.

ELPRO specialises in solutions for a wide range of applications and industries including: 

  • Pharma Logistics

  • Vaccine Cold Chain

  • Healthcare

  • R&D / Production facilities

  • Pharmacies

ELPRO delivers these solutions via two main product ranges: 

Delivering peace of mind with end-to-end compliance across your supply chain

Environment controlled supply chains present significant logistical challenges. Efficient and safe management of supply chains requires automation of processes with full transparency of data. Its important that any solution is easily integrated existing systems to help you manage your product stability budget. 


Using ELPRO software and technology, we can deliver systems tailored to your unique processes so you never have to worry about audit time again.


Ultra thin, compact temperature indicators with wireless readouts, these indicators are priced for box level monitoring delivering last mile intelligence. A three year battery life provides lifetime stability assurance. The free smartphone app allows easy viewing of status and statistics. Full integration with Cloud data base. 

LIBERO – for temperature sensitive products in transit

The LIBERO product range is optimised for stability monitoring of pharmaceutical and vaccine products as they move. All products are fully GxP compliant.


Advanced options include creation of KPIs using an interactive dashboard, integration with organisational ERP systems and the creation of customised workflows with notifications according to your operational procedures.

ELPRO's cloud-based database solution is the ultimate tool for monitoring products in transit. This solutions delivers:

  • Archiving: Secure, compliant storage of PDF reports, with colour coding and notifications for alarm shipments

  • Trace: Track shipments and set reminders for missing loggers. Group loggers to shipments, maintain logger status, and get regular automated reports 

  • Assess: Approve excursions and notify site of release decisions, Correct start/stop times, use alarm templates and check on the remaining stability budgets.

ECOLOG - for rooms and equipment

The ECOLOG range specialises in monitoring of rooms and equipment. Typical applications are climate monitoring in warehouses, rooms, incubators, cleanrooms, refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low freezers/LN2 storage. The ECOLOG range caters to a range of scenarios:



The ECOLOG Tx family is a range of battery-powered, autonomous data loggers -- proven on the market for over 20 years. Options range from two channels for simultaneous temperature and humidity monitoring, up to four channels. These devices have exchangeable batteries.



The ECOLOG-NET and ECOLOG-PRO data logger ranges can function independently or in a networked environment. In independent mode, data can be downloaded via USB. With the Elpro Central Monitoring System data can be stored reliably and made available on your LAN network. 


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