Elpro Data Logging Solutions for compliance oriented industries

ELPRO is a Swiss-based, global manufacturer of innovative environmental monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech and health care industries. While the company's main mission is to support clients make medicine safe for patients, the company's products can be used in a wide variety of other industries which have a similar focus on efficiency and compliance throughout the supply chain. IoT Connected is the Australian distributor for all ELPRO products.

ELPRO specialises in solutions for a wide range of applications and industries including: 

  • Pharma Logistics

  • Healthcare

  • R&D / Production facilities

  • Pharmacies

ELPRO delivers these solutions via two main product ranges: 

Delivering peace of mind

with end-to-end compliance across your supply chain

Environment controlled supply chains present significant logistical challenges. Efficient and safe management of supply chains requires automation of processes with full transparency of data. Its important that any solution is easily integrated existing systems to help you manage your product stability budget


Using ELPRO software and technology, we can deliver systems tailored to your unique processes so you never have to worry about audit time again.

LIBERO – for products in transit

The LIBERO product range is optimised for stability monitoring of products as they move. All products are fully GxP compliant .

Ultra thin, compact temperature indicators with wireless readouts, these indicators are priced for box level monitoring delivering last mile intelligence. A three year battery life provides lifetime stability assurance.  A smartphone app allows easy viewing of status and statistics. Full integration with liberoManager software. 



ELPRO's cloud-based database solution is the ultimate tool for monitoring products in transit. This solutions delivers:

  • Archiving: Secure, compliant storage of PDF reports, with colour coding and notifications for alarm shipments

  • Trace: Track shipments and set reminders for missing loggers. Group loggers to shipments, maintain logger status, and get regular automated reports 

  • Assess: Approve excursions and notify site of release decisions, Correct start/stop times, use alarm templates and check on the remaining stability budgets.


Advanced options include creation of KPIs using an interactive dashboard, integration with organisational ERP systems and the creation of customised workflows with notifications according to your operational procedures.


ECOLOG - for rooms and equipment

The ECOLOG range specialises in monitoring of rooms and equipment. Typical applications are climate monitoring in warehouses, rooms, incubators, cleanrooms, refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low freezers/LN2 storage. The ECOLOG range caters to a range of scenarios:

The ECOLOG T family is a range of battery-powered, autonomous data loggers -- proven on the market for over 20 years. Options range from two channels for simultaneous temperature and humidity monitoring, up to four channels. These devices have exchangeable batteries. 



The ECOLOG-NET and ECOLOG-PRO data logger ranges can function independently or in a networked environment. In independent mode, data can be downloaded via USB. With the Elpro Central Monitoring System data can be stored reliably and made available on your LAN network.  





The ECOLOG Plug and Play system can be scaled to hundreds or even thousands of measurement points. The elproMONITOR cloud solution provide integration into IT system, with active directory for user management, secure data storage on ELPRO servers. 

Large scale systems


To find out more about the full range of ELPRO products we can deliver, visit their product catalog.

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Medical Data Logger

Monitor Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals from Afar with Medical Telemetry


Medical data loggers are key to ensuring that vaccines and medications are safe as they move through the supply chain. Often, vaccines must be kept at a specific temperature to remain viable and safe. In storage—at a hospital or doctor’s office, perhaps—maintaining the ideal environment for a vaccine is straightforward. Throughout the supply chain, though, as vaccines are being moved from location to the next, achieving a consistent environment is more complicated. 

Problems Connected IoT Addresses


At Connected IoT, we offer solutions to the supply chain challenges that pharmaceutical companies face. We carry vaccine data logger technology from ELPRO, a Swiss company that specialises in the creation of environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of niches throughout the healthcare industry. ELPRO solutions can address a range of issues related to the transportation, delivery and storage of vaccines, including:

  • Monitoring temperatures. If a vaccine shipment is in transit, it can be difficult to identify a failure in onboard refrigeration systems until after the shipment has arrived at its destination. At that point, it is too late to salvage the cargo. With a vaccine fridge data logger from ELPRO, it’s easier to keep an eye on those figures using the display on the device—and to spring into action if they skew outside of the desired range.

  • Keeping up with all compliance requirements. There are requirements for vaccine products in transit, and they go beyond just temperature. Indeed, compliance factors may include humidity levels, dry ice, cryogenics and more. ELPRO data loggers can monitor these levels and more.

  • Data tracking. Monitoring your vaccine shipments is one thing; keeping thorough records of each shipment is another. ELPRO vaccine data loggers simplify the process, tracking data in real-time and converting it to PDF documents which you can use to keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and improve processes in the future.

In addition to medical data logging devices for vaccines in transit, we also carry products from ELPRO’s ECOLOG range, intended for monitoring temperature and humidity once vaccines have been delivered and are on-site.

What Sets Connected IoT Apart Regarding Medical Data Loggers


At Connected IoT, we dedicate our efforts to making life easier for our clients. We know that even a tiny vaccine fridge data logger can mean the difference between a successfully delivered shipment and millions of dollars in lost product. Here are a few factors that make us a reliable supplier for this type of technology.

  • Our experience. We have been working in this market since 1995, partnering with world-class technology companies from outside Australia and bringing their products here to serve industries such as healthcare, food and beverage, HVAC and more. If you aren’t sure which device is right for your needs, we can offer a recommendation.

  • Our connection to trusted brands. The data loggers we sell come predominantly from the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland, from brands such as ELPRO, ClimaCheck, Eltek Specialist Data Loggers, Senseair and more. We are one of the only companies in Australia that provides an easy link between domestic businesses and these proven, respected brands.

  • Our support. When you work with us, you aren’t just getting a piece of data logging technology. On the contrary, we provide ongoing support to our clients, from procurement to technology integration to data management and beyond.

Why Connected IoT Is Cost-Effective


Being able to monitor and track the storage and transportation environments of your pharmaceutical products will not only protect you from product loss but will also enable superior compliance, drive improvements in processes and help your company grow and thrive in the future. To learn more about Connected IoT and the solutions we offer for medical data logger, contact us today.

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