Our Data Acqusiation Services

Independent advice for monitoring solutions

With over 25 years of experience in helping companies of all sizes select monitoring technologies, we are able to match the best solution to your needs. 

We are proudly independent of any particular vendor, but we know which are the most reputable brands. That's why we have selected a few of the best to represent in Australia. However, if these do not meet your needs we will find the right product. 

With years of field experience, we know that selecting the product is only the start of your challenge. That's why we offer a range of support services. 

Solution Definition

With so many technology options for gathering, reporting and analysing data, it is hard for companies to keep up. 

Connected IoT provides unbiased and independent advice on the right technology for your context. 


Procurement Support

To get the best value out of your investment you need to be an informed buyer. Connected IoT can act as your trusted advisor in defining business requirements, checking the detail in technical specifications, and negotiating the best deal. 

We help keep your suppliers honest, so you can sleep at night confident your project will proceed smoothly.


Integration support

For many companies the main challenge of new technology is the interface with legacy and back-end systems.


With over 20 years experience in the industry, Connected IoT can troubleshoot all integration challenges.


Data Management

To get the best value out of your data acquisition system you need to be able to view and use the data when you need it. Connected IoT works with its trusted partners to display your data where ever it is needed. 

From mobile apps to advanced data analysis, we have you covered.


Before and After Testing

Data acquisition measures performance. The best way to know if your new system is working is to compare its performance to the old one. 

Connected IoT can assess the best performance of your old system and use that as a benchmark for fine-tuning your new system. 


M2M Wireless Communication

Develop Better M2M Wireless Communication with Specific Goals in Mind


For operations across a diverse range of modern industries, the issue of developing and deploying effective M2M connectivity solutions is one that increasingly takes centre stage. With the growth of the so-called "Internet of Things" and wireless communications protocols, applications for the business world continue to develop at a rapid pace. Without effective M2M integration, vital (and more importantly, valuable) data can go ungathered and unseen.


Today, using sensors and automatic transmission of data between critical equipment is essential whether you're trying to develop "greener" operations or to ensure an unbroken cold chain. At Connected IoT, our highly experienced professionals are here to help your business make the most of these exciting opportunities. 

Common Mistakes People Make with IoT Integration


Although the Internet of Things is so widespread today as to border on ubiquity, and despite many company's growing awareness of the importance of a strong IoT infrastructure, problems remain. Some misconceptions and mistakes can bog down a program that would otherwise have a good chance for success. When researching solutions for better IoT connectivity, watch out for mistakes such as:

  • Improper scaling. As you add more devices to your network, managing them becomes more complex. Watch out for mistakes such as scaling up too quickly and overwhelming your data infrastructure. 

  • Poor data management. Often, we encounter setups where sensors gather information, but no one looks at or analyses that data due to irregular management of the systems. 

  • Lack of oversight. Good IoT deployments require periodic updates, tweaks, and changes that can only come from attentive operations. 


These mistakes can waste time, unnecessarily expend resources, and have other harmful effects that proper planning and implementation can avoid. With help from Connected IoT, avoiding these concerns is much simpler. 


Problems You Can Address with Better Internet of Things Integration


Why invest in better integration services, though? That's a big question our team frequently hears, especially from those who already have systems in place — even if they aren't functioning at the highest level possible. So why should you opt for a system that's more than "just good enough"? With a strong IoT setup, it's easier to solve problems such as:

  • Confusion over what data is available and/or what that data means. 

  • Poor communication between sensors or devices and the systems meant to track the data they log. 

  • Insecurities that could cause negative impacts on the business. As useful as the IoT is, it can be a target for the bad guys — hackers and malware. A successful deployment means choosing the right products. 

Do you have a specific problem you need to solve or an area where you require more consistent data? Allow us to address those concerns together with your team. 


What Sets Us Apart as a Wireless Technology Consultant?


As your consultant, we can bring a great many benefits to the table. We take our position seriously, understanding that there is an often pressing need to make a smart, sound investment that yields a return sooner rather than later. As your consultant, you can expect stand-out service characterised by things such as:

  • Our ability to provide an end to end service for our clients. From defining what your solutions will look like to procuring the hardware and integrating it, we can do it all. 

  • A wide-ranging understanding of how to develop, deploy and configure IoT and M2M systems from the lightweight to the heavy-duty. 

  • The diversity of our product selection. We can deliver far more than basic sensors; for example, we also offer valuable tools such as the ClimaCheck system, which monitors HVAC system performance and provides early warning of potential problems. Advanced systems such as these are especially adept at preventing problems and saving money. 

From our ability to offer you the latest and most cutting-edge solutions to our commitment to long-term support and well-developed relationships with our clients, Connected IoT should be your first choice when you require an Internet of Things consultant. 


Services Related to Internet of Things Integration We Provide


Basic sensors are only a scratch on the surface of what we can provide to businesses. In fact, our service portfolio is quite broad, enabling our consultants to offer a more multi-faceted service. Our abilities extend to other areas which include:

  • Before & After testing. Allow us to provide you with clear benchmarks to evaluate the performance of your investment in an upgrade. 

  • Data visualisation. What good is all that data you collect if you don't know how to use it correctly? We will identify solutions that enable the most explicit understanding of what your sensors say. 

  • Integration. Already have an existing installation set up, or have exceptional circumstances that will make installation more difficult? We offer a full-scale integration service to set up everything in good working order. 


Signs You Should Invest in an IoT Consultant


Has your business struggled to modernise in this area effectively? Do you feel as though some of your teams continue to go without critical data? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, then the chances are good that you could benefit from some professional insights. With Connected IoT, implementing solutions that effectively address operational concerns is achievable on time and target. Our professionals engage directly with you, taking the time to learn about your requirements before offering specific solutions and options selected from the top leaders in the field. Better Internet of Things connectivity is just a phone call away; contact us today. 

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