Medical Data Logger


Monitor Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals remotely with Medical Telemetry

Medical data loggers are key to ensuring that vaccines and medications are safe as they move through the supply chain. Often, vaccines must be kept at a specific temperature to remain viable and safe. In storage—at a hospital or doctor’s office, perhaps—maintaining the ideal environment for more.

Humidity Data Loggers


How Humidity Data Loggers Address Multiple Cross-Industry Needs


Humidity data loggers are ideal for monitoring and recording an important variable across multiple industries with a wide variety of applications from cold storage to museum support and art preservation. Connected IoT has more than 25 years of experience in enabling clients to develop more.

USB Temperature Data Logger


ELPRO: The Best USB Temperature Data Logger for Healthcare and Biotech


With the USB temperature data logger from ELPRO, it is easier than ever before for companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology industries to achieve compliance and safe storage of their products. These types of companies often face strict legal requirements when it comes to the more.

Freezer Data Logger


Maintain Control of Your Products with a Freezer Data Logger


Restaurants and businesses that rely on keeping chemicals, testing conditions, and products at specific temperatures stand to benefit significantly from using a freezer data logger. This device tracks temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions to ensure that they are consistent more.

Temperature Data Loggers


Sourcing Appropriate Temperature Data Loggers for Accurate Snapshots


From maintaining a safe working environment to ensuring the integrity of products that must be kept cold for the duration of their time in the supply chain, lightweight and efficient temperature data loggers are incredibly valuable tools. Today, modern equipment offers a more versatile approach to more.

M2M Wireless Communication


Develop Better M2M Wireless Communication with Specific Goals in Mind


For operations across a diverse range of modern industries, the issue of developing and deploying effective M2M connectivity solutions is one that increasingly takes centre stage. With the growth of the so-called "Internet of Things" and wireless communications protocols, applications for the more.

Air Quality Monitoring


The Benefits of Investing in Indoor or Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Solutions


If your business operates in confined spaces, the quality of your air is vitally important to maintaining safety for humans, animals, and plants. Whether you need to monitor the effectiveness of your ventilation systems or fight a leak of CO2 in a keg room or refrigeration system, Connected IoT is your more.

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